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About Black Writers Collective

Black Writers Collective is a private network for literary creatives who dream of a supportive, empowering environment to engage with fellow writers for accountability and the positive motivation to be the writer you feel called to be.

We help you connect to other creatives with whom you can share your goals, challenges, achievements, and successes who can support you through blocks and distractions. You can turn to your tribe to empower you in refocusing your vision so that you can take persistent steps toward achieving your objectives, one step at a time. 

We also provide referrals and resources along your path to success as an author.

Not the Last, but the First

Black Writers Collective was the first literary arts association to organize online for writers of color back in 1998. We continue to embrace the challenge of empowering Black writers to achieve your goals. 

What We Do

Black Writers Collective is an online community of writers, literary entrepreneurs, and authors who, like you, have a vision to:

- Get organized and gain traction in their writing

- Find the balance needed to develop the habit and practice of writing

- Feel confident and knowledgeable about the craft and business of writing

- Be more efficient and effective with book promotion efforts and marketing strategies each day

- Develop systems to start writing and form the habit to keep writing

- Connect with new fans who want to read what they write and strengthen their fan bases

We aim to provide the platform through which you can form the connections to not only help you make the work of writing happen but to help you to enjoy the ride. 

What's Required

Many want to be part of a writers community, but only a select few actually have what it takes to thrive within that network. 

To be part of a community, you have to do your part too. 

1. Speak up. 

2. Respond to others.

3. Contribute. 

4. Participate. 

5. Share. 

6. Engage.

Should You Join?

If you typically join groups and lurk, don't fill out your own profile, never attend group meetings, or don't respond to fellow members or hosts, this is not the community for you.

We're not looking to build a huge membership; we want engaged members who actually get something out of their membership. We want you to join and feel like you've found your tribe. 


Before you join, be aware that we do not offer refunds should you change your mind later about being part of our community. Black Writers Collective is a reciprocal network. We cannot ensure member engagement or return on investment without effort on your part. By joining, you acknowledge that you are aware of our refund policy and accept the terms and conditions as outlined above.

Currently Closed to New Members

Membership will reopen August 1, 2022.

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